Umbrella Insurance

Do you feel that your basic Insurance needs more coverage?

Umbrella Insurance is right for you!

Umbrella Insurance is designed to provide liability limits in excess of your other policies. This extension of liability provides lawsuit protection for your family and assets. This coverage for damage to third parties due to your unforeseen events or accidents for which you are liable could be the difference between keeping or losing everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

Extend your policy coverage now!

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Is it really necessary to have Umbrella Insurance protection?

Having Umbrella Insurance is additional coverage that becomes very important in case of accidents for which you are civilly liable. These extensions will not only help you protect your assets, your income, or your loved ones: They will also help you avoid debts you may incur from third-party claims. Unfortunately, we can't be sure when an accident will result in thousands of dollars in lawsuits, but we can be protected by an Umbrella policy!

Extend the scope of your Insurance

Many third parties involved in your accidents may accrue additional expenses. Extend the bodily injury and damage coverage of your Auto, Motorcycle, Boat, and Home policies to cover these unintentional damages resulting from the actions you may have caused to others.

Protect yourself from unlikely events

Each policy usually has several situations which it can cover, however many events are unlikely or are not listed in the policy. An Umbrella Insurance policy can help you avoid unnecessary expenses for situations that are uncommon or not present in your original policy.

Avoid lawsuits

Some unforeseen events may result in large lawsuits for your having civil liability for these events. An Umbrella Insurance policy keeps you protected from these expenses and avoids you from getting into lawsuits or other legal processes.

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