Homeowners Insurance

Is your home your most valuable asset?

OnPoint Insurance Service thinks so too!

OnPoint offers unmatched protection for your home with policies that pay for damage to your home, its contents, and even your personal belongings. Plus, you get coverage for many accidents that may occur at home!

Get your Home protected now!

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Why you can trust OnPoint Insurance Services?

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How much does Homeowners Insurance cover?

Homeowners Insurance is designed to cover expenses related to the building in which you live, such as repairing damage or even replacing your home in the event of total loss. In addition, it may have other coverage advantages for detached buildings or structures like a fence, or separate garage or shop on your property. It’s coverage for and against:

Personal Possessions

Protection for your most valuable possessions and those possessions that we take for granted like clothing and furniture. These possessions and more may be covered.

Fire and Theft

Your possessions and home are covered not only against damage but may also against accidents or unforeseen events (such as fire or theft). Each policy is designed to cover different types of possessions in your home!


Protect your home against acts of God or natural disasters like storms, wind, lightning, and falling objects. Policies to protect your home and personal belongings against floods or earthquakes may also be available to you.

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