Motorcycle Insurance

Is your motorcycle your most treasured travel companion?

OnPoint Motorcycle Insurance protects it and you!

Good Motorcycle Insurance covers you, your passengers, and your beloved vehicle. Each type of policy adapts to your needs: Insurance for additional passengers, damages to third parties that you may cause with your motorcycle, health coverage in accidents, and much more.

Start protecting yourself now!

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Why you can trust OnPoint Insurance Services?

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How much can my Motorcycle Insurance cover?

Carrying Motorcycle Insurance is one of the indispensable requirements in addition to possessing a license that qualifies you as a driver. However, basic Insurance may not be enough to cover all the needs you have as a motorcyclist. Fortunately, OnPoint offers different policies from which you can choose to be prepared for any unforeseen event:

Accidental Damage

Protect yourself against damage to your vehicle in an accident, as well as damage to other vehicles in the event of an accident beyond your control. Learn about the different policies concerning partial damage, policies with a limit, and full coverage policies.

Medical Injuries

Designed to protect you and cover any medical expenses you may incur as a driver in an accident. Learn about the extensions to cover your passengers or even third parties you may have affected with your motorcycle.


Specialized coverages to cover the theft of your motorcycle. Explore the different options and coverage amounts.

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