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We evaluate your needs, listen to your concerns and offer you the best rates in the market. We offer you all the types of policies you may need for you, your family, your assets or your business!

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We offer you a wide variety of Insurance policies designed to protect your assets, your family and your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not hard to switch at all! Our agents will make it super easy for you and will even break up with your prior agent to avoid any trouble. We guarantee that the process will be the easiest you’ll ever go through when it comes to switching your Insurance. Relax, we’ve got this!

We use an efficient system that we call a “rater” which allows us to pull non-underwritten rates based on the data we enter. In short, we’re one of few agencies who are willing to invest in our employees, technology, and ultimately – our customers – to deliver the best possible experience

This is one of the great advantages you have as a customer of an independent Insurance agency like OnPoint Insurance Services! If your rate goes up, for any reason, we can re-quote our huge network of companies for you and you don’t have to provide any new information if your situation hasn’t changed.

Contacting the insurance carrier directly is usually the best plan of action if you’re certain you’ll need to file a claim. We encourage our clients to have a conversation with us prior to filing a claim if help is needed to determine the need to file the claim or to discuss the financial impacts and potential outcomes of the claim. Of course, we’re always happy to answer any questions and provide support when needed.

We always want to pair you with your current agent or agency that you mesh well with. If you are currently unhappy with your advisor, please reach out to our main number and we will set up an appointment with one of our most trusted advisors on our team.

Rates depend on several factors such as driving records, credit score, location and even the type of vehicle you drive. If you consider your rate to be too high, please call on our team of advisors who will take the time to sit down with you to review and explain what factors, specifically, may be impacting the price you pay for insurance. We’ll even help you plan a path to better rates in the future and, of course, review your discounts to save you money!

OnPoint has a different approach to Insurance. We take you through a process to see what is truly important to you and what your risks are. Once we know those things, we evaluate your Insurance needs and provide customized insurance plans based on what you tell us is important in your world and designed to cover your unique needs.

An independent insurance agency is one that works with or contracts with a number of insurance carriers. While many agencies or companies have agents who sell for just the one company they represent which presents a “take it or leave it” approach to insurance, we at OnPoint, are an independent agency so we work for you and not for the insurance company. This independence allows us to seek out the best policies, coverage, and price to fit your unique needs. We work with more than 150 insurance companies to find you the best combination of coverage, price, and service and it’s all customized to you and how you want to be protected.

Yes. We offer almost every Insurance product or service you can think of! Here’s a short list: Auto, Home, Business, Umbrella, Life, Disability, Malpractice, Errors & Omissions, Motorcycle, RV, Group Benefits, Long-Term Care, Farm or Ranch, Crop, Commercial, Identity Theft, Pet, Home Warranties, Jewelry, Cyber Liability, and much more!

At OnPoint, we understand that insurance is not something everybody loves so we take the time to get to know you, your family, your business, and everything that’s important in your world to build a custom solution designed specifically to help you meet your goals and protect your future. You don’t have to know insurance to work with our advisors because we speak in terms that you do understand by painting the picture of how our policies protect you from financial loss and the creation of debt.