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Life Insurance is a necessity, not a luxury

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A Life Insurance policy is a safeguard for when you find yourself in the worst moments. This policy not only seeks to protect you but also to provide support for your family in case the the unthinkable happens: emergency medical funds, legal costs, or funeral costs.

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Why you can trust OnPoint Insurance Services?

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What Life Insurance does OnPoint offer?

There are multiple types of life Insurance that you can find by seeking our advice. We can find a wide variety of policies with our “Term life insurance” as a basic example, being excellent protection for young parents who need an affordable policy but can cover them for short-term debts or large expenses such as college, mortgages, etc. For those looking for more specialized policies, we have the following options:

Whole Life

A policy that may allow you to not only provide support for your family in case the worst happens (tax-free) but will accumulate more capital over the years as you save.

Universal Life

A permanent Life Insurance policy that may have a cash value similar to Whole Life, but with much more affordable premiums and more limited coverage. It allows you to leave a benefit to your family in the event of your death. Universal Life was designed to be more flexible than the traditional Whole Life policy so your benefits may vary depending on how your plan is structured.

Mortgage Protection

If you are in charge of paying the mortgage on your home, this policy will allow you to cover all the expenses in case the worst happens. With it, you can assure your family that you will not leave any outstanding debts.

Final Expense

It covers expenses related to the death of the insured: death expenses, inheritance, transportation, legal documents, and much more. With it, you will not leave any inconvenience to your family and you will be able to prevent conflicts at a delicate moment for them.

Return of Premium

An add-on to Life Insurance that allows you to get all the money (or part of it) if you outlive the policy term. Ideal for those who want to save for their retirement.

Protection for Children or Grandchildren

It provides protection for a child’s insurability and may include living benefits or cash value options that can help set your child or grandchild up for their own financial success. These policies are purchased FOR a child or grandchild, not ON them.

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