Renters Insurance

Have you rented a property; house or apartment, and what to keep your belongings safe?

Meet the Renters Insurances that OnPoint has for you!

Although a landlord may sympathize with any damage or theft you suffer on their property, none of these cases are covered by the landlord's Insurance. Therefore, to protect your assets, your loved ones, and your personal belongings, it is better to have Renters Insurance!

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What is Renters Insurance?

We all want to have our home or property safe, but usually, the option to opt for this type of Insurance is when the property is our own. Renters Insurance gives us security over personal property and assets in a building we are renting without the need to be the owner and at a much lower cost!

Coverage for your things

Just like a homeowner's policy, you can rest assured that your assets and personal belongings inside the rental property will be protected against both theft and damage.

Save up to 20% with insurance discounts and savings

Renters Insurance is already incredibly inexpensive because it doesn’t have to cover the building being rented for property damage that your landlord’s policy usually covers. Your savings increase when you bundle your Renters with your Auto at OnPoint!

We always have your back!

You do not have to own the property to deserve the protection of your assets in it. With a renter's Insurance policy, you can take care of your furniture and other personal belongings when you rent or lease your home or apartment.

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